Jim Tench Property Management

Jim is proud to be affiliated with TransAction Property Management

TransAction Property Management has state-of-the-art technology that provides our owners the benefits of exceptional communication, real time access to all activities related to their investment, streamlined maintenance including on site maintenance staff and a built-in risk management system.

Our paperless office gives property owners access to all documents via their personal portal that can be accessed anytime from anywhere.  There will be no more having requests get lost in the shuffle.

All transactions are processed via ACH.  No more waiting for a tenant check to clear, a check to be processed and mailed by the billing department.  This reduces wait time for rent by up to two weeks!

We also offer exceptional vacancy marketing to reduce your vacancies, have high standards in tenant screening to ensure extremely qualified tenancy, timely rent collection before the first of the month so you receive your rents faster. You will have access to a fully automated maintenance system enabling you to keep track of everything happening with your property and, financial reporting to you quarterly.

Annual ROI reporting at no additional cost.

We offer flexible contract terms.  We believe we should earn your business so if ever you are dissatisfied and we can not make it right, you can cancel your contract at any time with no additional fees.